Dr. Ramsey's Monthly Tape Club Ministry

For over 20 years now, Dr. Ramsey has been recording his commentary of the Bible. He has completed most of the New Testament, Genesis and Exodus.

These are verse by verse, even word by word commentaries on CD or Cassette format.

Dr. Ramsey has hundreds of families across America who belong to his Monthly Tape Club. They receive his latest commentary recordings, his newsletter and extra critical issues recordings, booklets and letters each month. Many of them send their tithes to support the Ministry. If you have a local church faithful to the whole Gospeland you and your family attend faithfully, Dr. Ramsey encourages you to support that church with your tithes and send only offerings to this ministry. Dr. Ramsey will enroll anyone in the Monthly Tape Club who can send $25.00 a month to this Ministry.

He accepts cash, checks or Money orders. Make them out to Faith Baptist Ministry and mail them to: Faith Baptist Ministry, 16800 Sunset Dr, Houston, Missouri 65483; or you can click on the Donate Button below and donate by credit card.

Please make sure that you fill in the form below with name and mailing address.

Those who sign up and make their first donation will receive a free copy of Dr. Ramsey's 400 page Hard Cover Commentary on Romans. Shipping is always free in the US and Canada.

Let us know if you have any special prayer needs.

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