State Marriage License

What we learned from lawyers and Legislators in the State House of Nebraska during the State’s attack on us and the Faith Baptist Church School was shocking and revealing.

Most people who Home School or send their children to private Christian Schools are very aware of the information I will give you here. But very few other people have any idea how the State Marriage License affects their marriage, divorce, children, joint assets (community property) and possible State powers that can be exerted against them

In days gone by, we had a government that was sympathetic, and even pro-Christian. That is not true today. A government that once saw rearing children in the home or Christian schools as a positive step by parents; today takes a much more hostile attitude.

I have been approached by dozens of people going through divorce, torn in spirit, over the court’s willingness to completely destroy the rights of one parent over another and the rights of the children without good cause. How has the State gained this power?

First of all, the problem always starts at the door of the church and its ministers. The Church of Jesus Christ and her ministers are supposed to be the crucible of the Holy Scriptures, the Law of God for our lives and our society. I don’t care how many enemies protest to the negative. A society not built on the Laws of God will eventually disintegrate, as we are doing. Let’s get a little history, which most ministers don’t have.

The original Thirteen Colonies of this nation were founded by Christian People demanding Christian leaders, teachers, and parental rights with responsibility. The teachers were parents and Ministers; the text book was the Bible.

Marriage was not even a part of the State’s jurisdiction. It was totally one hundred Percent a matter of the Church. Think about this:

1. You had to have a minister to marry you.
2. You had to have the approval of a church or Minister who issued a Certificate of Marriage after the ceremony.
3. If you were not a church member or a professing Christian, you would find it difficult to find a minister to marry you and issue the Certificate
4. Once you got married, divorce was not an option. The State could not and the church would not because it was against Scripture.
5. Most States had laws against adultery which included all forms of unbiblical sex, such as sex outside of your spouse, interracial marriage, remarriage of divorced people and multiple wives or spouses.

This was the church view of the Scriptures, which is still valid, but not upheld by the church, the State or the Clergy today.

When a man and woman got married, they knew it was for life or until one of the spouses died. People got married and made it work. Very few children experienced the divorce parent syndrome as today. Children had two parents. Yes, sometimes it was uncomfortable with bickering and sometimes drinking and physical abuse. Under no circumstances do I believe that either spouse has to endure the abuse of the other, but divorce was not an option. Counseling and separation were. Reconciliation, not a new spouse was the Biblical way.

Children were not taken away from parents, separated and farmed out to foster parents or adoptive agencies. I was an adopted child myself. I was placed in the home of a relative by the will of my father after my mother’s death and his inability to care for me because of age and bad health. The only other choice was a children’s home. Let me tell you that even under these, the best of circumstances, the child being raised and reared by other than his parents is hard, painful and leaves many scars that never fully heal.

I can tell you based on many years as a pastor that divorce tears the spirit of a child so severely that they never really recover. That experience will put a sense of distrust in them for life. This also affects their relationship with God and their ability to trust God and serve God.


Well, when did this thing change? According to Black’s Law Dictionary, Fourth Edition, a

Marriage Certificate was, “an instrument which certifies a marriage and executed by the person officiating at the marriage. (Not a License)

MARRIAGE LICENSE: A license or permission granted by public authority to persons who intend to intermarry…………”

The first such documents were issued in the State of Virginia in the mid 1800s, about the time of the Civil War.

The opposition to this kind of marriage was very strongly by the Christians, the churches and the Clergy at that time.

However, as the years passed, the States gradually all issued licenses for marriage. People saw that they could get divorces by the State and remarry. The issuing authority can dissolve what it makes. State marriages open the door to State divorces.

This was God’s plan for Jesus said,

“…MAT 19:6 Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.”

The State gradually added other reasons for State Marriage Licenses and eventually made it a State Statute that all marriages were to be State authorized and controlled. (More on this latter)

The State has always had the authority to create State marriages and Unions. The State is in the process of making marriage and union between same sex marriages legal.

What Christians need to understand, is that we lost the marriage battle in the mid 1800s when we allowed the State to start creating civil unions period.

Also, what Pastors and Christians need to do is stop performing State marriages and return to Biblical marriage of Covenant people. These marriages are still lawful. Also, they are still outside the jurisdiction of the court and prevent divorce and most other evils of State intervention into marriage. Governor Mike Huckabee understood the covenant marriage of Scripture, but could not get God’s people to back away from the State license.

Pastors and churches soon began to accept the State Marriage License and perform the ceremonies. They still issued Certificates of Marriage. The rise in divorces and broken homes with child victims was the natural result because we are all sinners and seek the will of the flesh.

At first churches refused to allow divorced and/or remarried people to join the church as the early church in Rome did. But gradually the Churches allowed them to join, without the rights to hold offices or teach.

Gradually that gave way to the point that today, the churches are filled with divorced and remarried couples, holding offices, teaching, singing, preaching and in general the churches are not any different than the society that make them up. This is one of the main reasons they are powerless; but as the Prophet said, “… people love to have it so….” Jer. 5:31. This makes it impossible to change.


Our first hint of a problem with the State Marriage License came in 1982 as we were in the midst of our struggle in Nebraska. The State of Nebraska was claiming legal right to take our children, teach our children and control our children.

I remember one of many evenings, there was a hearing in the State Capitol for parents to come and testify on behalf of Legislation that would free the churches and the parents to chose and run their own schools.

The State NEA (Nebraska Education Association) was threatening to unseat any Senator who voted for the Bill. One parent was weeping and pleading with the Senators on the Education Committee as she made this comment:

“These children were given to us by the Lord. They are a heritage of the Lord. We cannot put them in schools that are run by Stateists and educators that are Humanistic”

One Senator on the Committee, Chris Buetler a young lawyer, asked her,”Maam, do you have a Nebraska State Marriage License?”

She replied, “Yes.”

He then stated, “Don’t you know that all children corn to a marriage created by State Marriage License are wards of the State. We can require what ever we believe to be in the best interest OUR children and society at large.”

Needless to say, we were shocked and outraged, but he was right. Let me illustrate:

During slavery days, a slave owner would buy and bring into his operation many slaves, black and white, from different parts of the world. If two of these slaves met and fell in love and wanted to marry, they had to get permission from the slave owner.

Once the owner gave permission, they would be marriage, on the plantation. They were still property of the owner. If they had children, the owner could work then or sell them. He could break up children and sell them to different owners. He could even break up the married couple or nullify their marriage.

Once the State issues a marriage license, the children of that marriage become wards or property of the State. All birth certificates of all birth of all State created marriages are filed in the States as well as the Federal Department of Commerce in Washington D.C. as assets of the United States.

Why do you think the Federal Health Department was changed to “Department of Human Resources?” Now that all national assets have been mortgaged to the private Federal Reserve banks as collateral for our national debt, do you understand how they ruthlessly rip up families, split up children and even send them of to war without regard for parents?

Thankfully right now anyway, there is no draft. But if the draft comes in, they will draft your daughters as well as your sons. If we and our children are assets of the Federal government, we are at the mercy of God as to our futures.


As my great friend and Pastor, Dr. Robert McCurry, has said, “Some things are so broke we can’t fix them.” This may be one of them.

The answer is always to return to God and His Law. When you cannot return to His Law, all we can do is repent, name our sins, confess our sins and ask for Him in His mercy to deliver us.

The problem we have had up until now, is that God has blessed us to richly and has allowed our false money system to stay together and enrich so many, for so long that there was no recognition of our sins, nor confessions of our sins and no desire on the part of God’s people in most cases to seek God’s forgiveness and deliverance. After all, who wants to be delivered from prosperity?

The answer is as it always has been, to return to God. He alone can deliver us from the strangers who rule over us.

DEU 28:43 The stranger that is within thee shall get up above thee very high; and thou shalt come down very low.

2CH 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

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