Are you a Christian who believes in evolution? Are you a Christian who believes that God used evolution in the creation process? If so, you are not alone. I am not agreeing with you, I am just saying that many Christians believe that God used some form of evolution to bring the world and all that is in it to its present state. Why is that?

The reason so many who claim to be Christian, also claim to believe in some form of evolution is because Christians and Theologians refuse to find reasonable answers for multiple races among mankind and multiple finds by archeologists that simply do not square with the “Six Day Creation” propaganda touted by modern day theologians.

For religious zealots to:

1. Claim the earth to be only 6,000 to 7,000 years old
2. Claim that Adam, the White man, was the first of all two legged homosapein in light of archeologist finds and Biblical evidence to the contrary
3. Claim that all races descended from Adam or Noah or that God performed some miracle to change the genetics, the color and the physical characteristics of all races

is incredible under the mountain of evidence to the contrary. So many Christians will claim to believe that God used some form of evolution to bring about the different animal species and the different races of humankind.

Biblical and archeological evidence proves beyond the reasonable doubt of rationally thinking men that this earth has been around for a long time, that God has created and re-created life and beings on this earth several times, that Satan, its caretaker, has caused God to destroy the creation more than once because of sin and rebellion.

The Bible makes it clear that this time around is about Adam Geb 5:1, a new creation, God’s Spirit in the flesh, Gen 2:3, Heb 2:14, the covenant man, God’s elect, chosen, flesh of white to show forth the Glory of God, made Body, Soul and Spirit, the Image of God.

While the ungodly believe that Adam, the white man, evolved out of the Black race, many Christian Theologians believe that the Black and Yellow race evolved out of Adam.

I do not believe that God uses evolution in either direction or for any purpose. God strictly forbade the mixing of seed in vegetation (hybrids) as well as in animals (hybrids) and humankind.(Genetic cloning & Breeding) Gen 1& 2 states Kind after kind more that 20 times.

God destroyed Noah’s world for this sin (Gen 6:9) and Ezra & Nehemiah were fearful that He would do it again and forced segregation on God’s elect as recorded in those two books of the Bible.

Evolution takes control of the creation out of the hands of God and puts it into the hands of fate, man, or powers of Satan. God has said more than once, that He maintains control of this earth at all times. Col 1:17

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