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Based on 57 years of preaching, 40 years of pastoring and 14 years of personal experience as a spokesperson for churches, homeschoolers and Christians in Federal and State Legislatures across America.

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Books and Resources

Books and Resource Materials Available

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Christain Israel: North & West

Identifying Regathered Israel

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Dr. Everett Ramsey DD Ministry

Ministry & Teachings of Rev Dr. Everett Ramsey DD.

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Kindle Books

Books that will fit your Kindle

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Heaven and Mansions in the Bible

Heavn and Mansions discusse3d in the Bible

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The Rephaim Invasion of America

Why America is becoming more and more violent, un-Christian and less free

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Unincorporate Your Church

A brieft description and steps to consider when thinking about unincorporating your church

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Save America

Save America The Only Way It Can be Done

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Kingdom parables

Kingdom Parables, The prewritten history of the devlopment of the Kingdom from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to England and America.

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cremation biblical

Is Cremation Biblical?

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Sheep and Goats

Are You A Sheep or a Goat?

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Lessons From Louisville

The Battle of The State of Nebraska against Faith Baptist Chuirch and God

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Palestine, Whose is it?

Does Palestine Belong to Jews, Arabs, Palestinians, or Christians?

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Free Gift

Free Gift-No Strings Attached.

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Hate Laws

Hat Laws, How They Destroy Free Speech

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Counseling Services

Counseling Services for Christians

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Statement of Faith

Our Ministry Statement of faith

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Evolution Both directions Rejected

Evolution Rejected by Bible, Accepted by Christians

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Good Friday or Good Wednesday

Bible Refutation of Good Friday

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Government Public Schools

Why Christians can't use the Government Public Schools

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State Churches

Defining the State church

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Sins of America's Preachers

List of The Sins of America's Preachers

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Sins of the Churches of America

Sins of the Churches of America

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