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Kingdom Commentary On Romans

By: Dr. Everett Ramsey

This is a hard cover book of over 400 pages, indexted, Appendexaes and commentary. This is one of the most detailed Reference books on Romans available today. It containes the KJV, Ferrar Fenton, Strongs, Barns, Jammison Faucet & Brown and other well established commentary as well as Dr, Ramsey who ties it all up in his own paraphrase.

Shipped free in USA and Canda for any donation.

America's Firtst Padlocked Church

BY: Dr. Everett Ramsey

America's First Padlocked Church is a first hand account of the first two years of the struggle. background as to why the struggle started and a section written by Mrs. Trassie Ramsey, Pastor Ramsey's wife. Heart stiring reading.

Shipped free in USA and Canada for any size donation.

Pastor Sileven's Jail Writings

BY: Dr Ramsey while incarcerated at the Plattsmount, Nebraska Jail. The deepest and most sacred thoughts of the heart during persecution and trial.

Shipped free in USA and Canda for any size donation.

From Sovereignty To Slavery

By: Dr. Everett Ramsey

Compelling evidence of the loss of freedom in America, it's causes and cure. Based on hundreds of hours of research, discussions with Congress, the Senate, Governors and officials of over 20 States.

Shipped free in the USA and Canada for any size donation.

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